James Brindley School - Whole School Policies. If you can not find the policy you are looking for then please contact the school. Some policies are not available for immediate download and view, these policies can be provided on request, please contact the school for further help or guidance.


All School Policies are correct at the time of Publishing : Policies are liable to change without any Prior Notice Given.


For Further Advice Please Contact The School Directly Tel: 0121 666 6409







Data Protection Policy

Whole Schools Data Protection Policy


Behaviour Policy

Whole Schools Behaviour Policy

Complaints policy - How to raise a concern

Complaints Policy - Raise a concern


School Attendance

Whole School Attendance Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Whole Schools Educational Visits Policy


Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy

Whole School Acceptable use of the internet Policy

Equal opportunities Policy

Whole Schools Equal Opportunities Policy


Medical Needs Policy

Whole School Medical Needs Policy

Exams Policy

Whole Schools Exams Policy


School Collective Worship Policy

School Policy for Collective Worship



Freedom of Information Policy

Whole School Freedom of Information Policy

School Photographs Policy

Whole School Photographs Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Whole School Looked After Childrens Policy


Pupil Equality Policy

Whole School Pupil Equality Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Whole School Special educational Needs Policy

School Health and Safety Policy

Whole School health and Safety Policy 2014


School Whistle Blowing Policy

Whole School Whistle Blowing Policy






The Curriculum Statement Policy

Whole School Curriculum Statement Policy


School Safeguarding Policy

Whole School Safeguarding Policy


Sex and Relationships Education Policy

Whole School Sex and Relationships Policy

School Safeguarding Statement

Whole Schools Safeguarding Statement




Appraisal Policy and Process for Teachers

Whole School Appraisal Process for Teachers


School Accessibilty Plan

Whole School Accessibility Plan

Appraisal Policy and Process for Support Staff

Whole School Appraisal Process for Support Staff


Whole School Health and Policy

Whole School Health and Safety Policy

James Brindley School Pay Policy

Whole School Pay Policy


2015 2016 Exam Results

JBS Exam Results

Grievance Policy and Procedures

Whole School Grievance Policy and Procedures


Memorandum and Articles  

JBS Article

James Brindley Flexible Working Policy

Whole School Flexible Working Policy


School Funding Agreement

JBS Funding Agreement

James Brindley Disciplinary Policy

Whole School Disciplinary Policy


Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations Document

James Brindley Staff Equality Policy

Whole School Staff Equality Policy


Year 7 Catch Up Funding 2015-16

JBS Catch Up Fund

Code of Conduct for Staff Policy

Whole School Staff Code of Conduct Policy


Year 7 Catch Up Funding 2016-17

JBS Catch Up Fund

Marking and Feedback Policy

Whole School Marking and Feedback Policy


Annual Report and Financial Statement

Whole School Financial Report




PE and School Sport Plan 2015-16

Whole School PE and school Sport Plan



PE and School Sport Plan 2017-18

Whole School PE and school Sport Plan





Special Educational Needs Report

JBS Special Educational Needs



Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil Premium Strategic Document



Pupil Premium Report

JBS Pupil Premium Policy




All policies are correct at time of publishing but may change without notice.

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If you require further assistance or cannot find the information / policy you require then please do contact the school on 0121 666 6409.




James Brindley School - Whole school Policy Download or view @ 2016