At James Brindley our pupils are supported to catch-up and progress based on KS2 results thus aiming to reduce the impact of their medical conditions on their educational outcomes.


Our Northfield provision seeks to build pupil resilience so that the pupils are able to successfully transition back to mainstream, to KS4 at James Brindley or appropriate alternative provision.

Our Northfield site is a KS3 teaching centre for pupils who have medical needs; primarily social, emotional and mental health needs and some who have physical disabilities.

There are a total of 60 (including 10 transitional) places offered at KS3 but classes are not defined by year group so that they can be responsive to Birmingham’s local needs and pupil places required.  Classes are based upon the concept of a vertical model of education so that pupils can be allocated dependent upon their current level of attainment.

Our transitional group supports pupils who are unable to access full time education immediately within the teaching centre due to their health condition.  The group looks to re-engage pupils, some of whom may have been out of education for a number of months, acclimatising them with a school setting whilst also building resilience and subsequently increasing their access to education to their full-time entitlement.

The creative curriculum offers pupils opportunity to re-engage with education through core subjects delivered through thematic teaching; numeracy, literacy, life skills and outdoor education are delivered as part of the core programme coupled with options linked to KS4 and the James Brindley Record of Achievement.



The team of staff here are dedicated and committed to improving outcomes for the pupils in our school and are very experienced in helping young people to make a successful transition from their current provision.


We believe that every child has the right to a high quality educational experience and we work hard to ensure that we provide access to the best possible teaching.


Part of Northfield provision seeks to accommodate pupils who require extra support in the home to re-engage with education within a teaching centre.  This provision is offered only as a last resort following pursuit of all other possible engagement and teaching provision offers


James Brindley School, Northfield Centre, Bell Hill, Northfield,

Birmingham, B31 1LD Tel: 0121 666 6409 ext: 2316






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James Brindley School delivers education across 11 sites including school teaching centres and hospitals throughout Birmingham, and provides a successful remote teaching service.

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James Brindley School is unique. Pupils have the opportunity to study a curriculum as they would at any school but we also tailor what our pupils do to suit their needs and interests.

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We teach across 11 sites including teaching centres and hospitals in Birmingham. We also provide support for children finding it difficult to access education outside of the home, due to both physical or mental health related reasons. We find children and young people respond best when they feel comfortable in their surroundings, which is why staff work hard to ensure that every pupil in our care receives the best possible education in a safe, stimulating and supportive environment.

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